Disposal After Phragmites Management

What comes next after managing Phragmites? Dead standing Phragmites or cut stalks can be an enormous – and expensive – problem to deal with. 

Best practices for removing dead Phragmites include prescribed burns and removing the material from the site. See our page on management techniques for more information. If it is not possible to remove the dead Phragmites from the site, crushing or “knocking down” stalks during the winter helps to break down the dense stalks and encourage decomposition. 

Burning Phragmites is often not an option due to proximity of the site to buildings or inaccessibility. Cutting and removing dead Phragmites from a site can be incredibly time consuming and isn’t realistic for most sites. Disposal of Phragmites is a challenge facing many resource managers across the Great Lakes. 

We recently conducted a brief survey of the Phrag community. Stay tuned for survey results and more updates as we gather information on this topic.