PAMF was developed by a Core Science Team composed of researchers and staff at the USGS, University of Georgia, and the Great Lakes Commission. The Core Science Team worked closely with a Technical Working Group (TWG), which was made up of 12 experts in Phragmites management representing different stakeholder values, priorities, and perspectives.  Involving the TWG at an early stage ensured that the final framework reflected the needs and objectives of end-users. Members of the TWG remain involved in PAMF today.  Although their roles have changed, these individuals continue to volunteer their time and offer their advice and expertise.  PAMF could not exist without them.

We would like to acknowledge the following individuals and organizations:

Linda Nelson, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Greg Norwood, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Detroit International Wildlife Refuge
Anne Garwood, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Jennifer Dunn, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Tom Arbour, Ohio Division of Natural Areas and Preserves
Jason Granberg, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Jason Hill, Ducks Unlimited
Janice Gilbert, Wetland Ecologist, Invasive Phragmites Control Centre
Bobbie Webster, University of Wisconsin Green Bay, Cofrin Center for Biodiversity
Rebecca Rooney, University of Waterloo, Department of Biology
Bob Williams, Clay Township Phragmites Advisory Board
Lisa Brush, The Stewardship Network

PAMF Partner Logos
PAMF Partner Logos


Anyone managing non-native Phragmites in the Great Lakes basin can participate in PAMF.  Through PAMF, experienced land managers can efficiently share their knowledge and expertise while those new to Phragmites management can find science-based support and guidance. Learn how to join PAMF here.

Stay Informed

PAMF staff can be available to:
deliver presentations and webinars
organize site visits to demonstrate the monitoring protocol
answer questions and respond to inquiries
provide print materials for your next event

Please contact: Karen Alexander, Senior Program Specialist, Great Lakes Commission at - 734-971-9135