The Great Lakes Phragmites Collaborative is a network of agencies, organizations and citizens who are engaged in Phragmites in some way, including management, research and communication.

About Us…

The Collaborative was established to facilitate communication among stakeholders across the region and serve as a resource center for information on Phragmites biology, management, and research. We are led by a diverse Advisory Committee and are organized according to the principles of Collective Impact. We invite you to participate in the Collaborative by joining webinars, reading and commenting on blog posts, joining our listserv or contacting us!

 Interested in which organizations participate in the Collaborative and more about their Phragmites work? Click here to view the results of our 2018 Community Assessment.


Highlights from the 2018 Community Assessment: 

What watersheds does the GLPC community work in? 







Which states and provinces does the GLPC community work in? 


In which capacity do GLPC community members work with Phragmites
Which types of organizations are involved in the GLPC community?

Interested in more results from the 2018 Community Assessment?