Program: Belleville Ecology Club

Eric Robinson, president of the Belleville High School Ecology Club, shares information about their Phragmites program.

What aspects of Phragmites management are you most involved in?

  • Education/Outreach
  • Direct management (e.g. spraying, burning)

Geographic Scope

Local Area

Why is Phragmites an issue in your area?

It has been destroying the decorative plants around our school pond

What is your organization’s approach to invasive Phragmites management?

We individually cut the seed flowers off of each plant and dispose of them in the trash and or burn our collection. We have settled to this method because our school wasn’t exactly excited about the burning method and didn’t seek funding for chemicals.

Who are your partners in this effort?

Two of Belleville High School’s teachers Mr. Mackie and Jennifer Garland.

What are your funding sources?

Everyone involved in the club

What are your goals and objectives for the program?

Our goal is to stop the growth of the species in our school pond, as they return each year.

What type of land does your program target?

Shoreline around a pond

What is the status of the program and are you seeing results?

We are in the process of extracting all Phragmites of their seeds.

Can you share important lessons learned both about what worked and what did not work?

We are not at a point in which we can say that our efforts have worked or not worked.

Please provide any other information here.

Our efforts started in my school’s ecology club and I am the president of it.

For more information, please contact:

Eric Robinson
Belleville High School
501 W Columbia Ave
Belleville, MI 48111

(734) 697-9133

[email protected]