Project: Phragmites Identification

Wayne Brininger, Biologist at Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge, shares information about a 2006 research project designed to determine if Phragmites in the Refuge is native or invasive.

Title: Phragmites Identification

Geographic ScopePhragmites stands within Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge, Becker County, MN.

Type of Project: Research

What was the motivation for this project? We needed to determine if existing stands were native or non-native. Curious about the difference between native and non-native? See our Native vs. invasive? page for more info.

What did this project entail? We took samples from five Phragmites stands within the Refuge, which we sent to Bernd Blossey at Cornell University for identification. For more information see the Diagnostic Service website.

What were the results of this work? We learned that all of the stands sampled were native Phragmites! 

For more information contact: 

Wayne Brininger
Biologist, Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge
35704 County Highway 26
Rochert, MN 56578
[email protected]

Image courtesy of Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge