Regional Partnerships

Planning to manage invasive Phragmites? Check to see if there is an organization working to coordinate management in your area.

While they have different names, most Great Lakes states have created regional organizations who assist landowners and municipalities with resources and coordination to control Phragmites. These groups can provide information, may provide cost-sharing programs for control work, may rent equipment for control work, or may coordinate large initiatives like helicopter herbicide application which become more cost-effective with greater participation.

Visit the websites below for your state to identify which regional organization is active in your area.

If there isn’t  yet a regional organization managing invasive species in your area, this page by the Midwest Invasive Plant Network provides some guidance on how to develop one.

Michigan – Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas (CISMAs)

Wisconsin – Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas (CISMAs)

Wisconsin’s CISMA page is currently not active. See the Invasive Plans Association of Wisconsin page for information about their programs. 

New York – Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISMs)

Indiana Cooperative Weed Management Areas (ICWMAs)

Indiana doesn’t yet have a CWMA page. Five Indiana CWMAs have been established so far:

Ohio – Cooperative Weed Management Associations (CWMAs)

Ohio doesn’t yet have a central CWMA website. Three Ohio CWMAs have been established so far: