A few of our favorites…

Invasive Phragmites“, a very informative video on why Phragmites is an issue, how to distinguish native vs. invasive, methods of spread, management  strategies and techniques, and the importance of early detection and rapid response . The video has great, practical suggestions as well as interviews with ecologists, managers, policy makers, and community members. A great resource!
“Saving Shorelines from Invasive Plants”, a short video on a large Phragmites management program along the shores of Green Bay, WI. Highlights the need for site-specific management plans, management at multiple scales, and the value of partnerships between private and public land owners.

Other videos

Workers Help Control Invasive Species At Sleeping Bear Dunes” Young adults are working to help remove Phragmites in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

“Lookin’ at it-Phragmites” a spoof Public Service Announcement about Phragmites. Amusing video; however, they recommend mowing–which is not a good stand alone management measure.

Lighting Phragmites on the Ogden Bay Wildlife Management Area Using the Green Dragon an example of the equipment used when burning stands of dead Phragmites

“Phragmites, habitat of second choice”  Walter Marcisz, who’s observed black-crowned night herons in the Lake Calumet region for decades, introduces us to a wetland reed called Phragmites. In this area, it’s the birds’ habitat of second choice.

Phragmites and the Rondeau Provincial Park Wetlands Restoration” Janice Gilbert provides background and management options for non-native Phragmites in Ontario, along with management strategies in and around Rondeau Provincial Park.