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Want to stay connected? Sign up for our biweekly Phragmites email newsletter and the Phragmitesnet listserv. The listserv is a way for the Phragmites community to ask questions, share announcements, peruse past conversations, provide information, and more. The listserv is hosted by Google Groups.


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Join the Phragmitesnet Listserv

Send an email to The email does not need a subject or any text. After you send the email you should receive a confirmation message from Google Groups.

How do I send a message to the listserv?

Compose an email with your message and send it to this email address: Moderators will review the message and distribute it to the listserv.

Do I need a Google Account to join?

No. You can subscribe and unsubscribe using any email address you choose. However, if you do not connect your listserv account to an Gmail address or Google account, you will not have access to the homepage of the listserv or the option to manage your subscription preferences.

Why am I receiving duplicate emails?

Are you receiving messages in your personal Gmail account that is associated with your Google Account, and messages in your work email account? If so, you just need to add your work email as an ‘alternate address’ for your Google Account. Here is a description of how to do this. Then you will be able to click ‘unsubscribe’ to an email sent to your Gmail account, and will still receive messages to your work email associated with your Google Account.

How do I view the archive of past listserv messages?

Visit the listserv homepage ( which has a list of all previously sent messages. If you have not joined the listserv using a Google account, you cannot access these archives.

How do I manage my subscription preferences?

Want to receive a ‘digest’ summary of listserv messages? Want to receive messages as they come through? Manage your subscription preferences by visiting the home page of the group:

How do I unsubscribe?

To unsubscribe, simply send an email to