Case Studies

Phraggy mascot case studies

View Phragmites management case studies from across the Great Lakes region. Use the interactive map below to locate projects in your area. Do you have a project that you’d like us to feature here? Click the Add Case Study button on the mapper to get started!

Also check out Phragmites related research projects and programs at the bottom of the page!

Research Projects & Programs

The Midwest Invasive Species Information Network: Networking between parties affected by Phragmites

Northeast Michigan Cooperative Weed Management Area: Connecting northeastern Michigan to resolve Phragmites

Phragmites Management in Grand Traverse County: Managing Phragmites in Grand Traverse Counties

Ottawa County Invasive Phragmites Control Group: Networking between parties affected by Phragmites in Ottawa County

Applying a Microbial Approach to Phragmites Control: Research into managing Phragmites with microbes.

A Baseline and Standardized Method for Monitoring the Treatment and Control of Invasive Phragmites: Research focusing on standardized monitoring and treatment for Phragmites in Saginaw Bay and Green Bay.

Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program (APIPP): A shorter summary of the APIPP case study in the table above.