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Are you currently managing or planning to manage Phragmites within the Great Lakes basin? Consider taking the PAMF self-guided training course today! The course allows you to learn about PAMF in your own time and provides all of the resources you need to be successful. Completing this course will earn you a certificate that states you are a certified PAMFer and have successfully been trained in how to collect and submit high quality data.

COVID-19 Response

As we continue to do our part to prevent further spread of COVID-19, we will conduct our 2021 training sessions using a remote format. Our staff has been working hard to create additional online resources to ensure managers have the information and support they need to participate successfully in PAMF. We have multiple training options available for the 2021 season including a remote live PAMF training and a self-guided course. You can learn more about each training by visiting our Participant Training page!

July is PAMF monitoring month! Be sure to monitor your management unit(s) and submit the reports along with your management reports by August 1st. Monitoring each July allows the model to track your progress overtime. Every management unit monitored in July will receive management guidance in mid-August. It is not too late to enroll new management units into PAMF!

All reports – enrollment, monitoring, and management – are due by August 1st!

New to PAMF? Sign up for the self-guided training course today!


Anyone managing non-native Phragmites in the Great Lakes basin can participate in PAMF. Click the button below to get started! 


Please contact: Samantha Tank, Great Lakes Commission at [email protected]