Project: Invasive Phragmites Management in the Lower Green Bay & Fox River AOC, Wisconsin

Angela Pierce from the Lower Green Bay and Fox River AOC in Wisconsin tells us about a new phragmites management program.

Lower Green Bay and Fox River AOC Map

Map of project location

What is the geographic scope of the project?

The shoreland areas of Green Bay and the Fox River in the cities of Green Bay, and De Pere, and the villages of Allouez and Ashwaubenon in Wisconsin.

Type of project?

  • Education/outreach
  • Direct management (i.e. spraying, burning)
  • Planning

Why is Phragmites and issue in your area?

Phragmites covers large swaths of the coastline and upstream tributaries to the Fox River. Phragmites not only impacts the coastal wetlands, but also has significantly impacted public access, recreation and property values in the area. There are several city and county parks with Phragmites stands that make it nearly impossible to walk and fish the shoreline in the summer.

What is your organization’s approach to invasive Phragmites management?

Provide education and outreach, and collaborate on efforts to remove Phragmites via mechanical and chemical treatment with future maintenance handled by landowners.

Who are your partners in this effort?

  • WI DNR
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • UW-Green Bay
  • U.S.FWS
  • Brown County
  • TNC
  • Others

What are the funding sources?


What are the goals and objectives for the project?

Work with public and private landowners to remove at least 1,500 acres of invasive Phragmites within prioritized areas guided by the expertise of an advisory council of local land management professionals. The project will seek long-term maintenance of Phragmites through landowner agreements and education/outreach efforts.

What type of land does your project target?

Shoreland areas of Green Bay and Fox River

Do you monitor the areas that you manage? If so, what does that entail?

Has not been developed yet as this will be our first Phragmites project.

What is the status of the project and are you seeing results?

We are just getting started.

Can you share information about challenges and lessons learned (both about what worked and what did not work)?


For more information contact:

Angela Pierce
425 S Adams St, Suite 201
Green Bay Wisconsin, 54301
United States