Program: Phragmites Control Committee

David Collins from the St. Thomas City Council tells us about phragmites planning, treatment and education taking place in St.Thomas, Ontario.

What is the geographic scope of your project?

All lands located within the incorporated city of St. Thomas, Ontario.

What type of project is this? 

  • Direct management
  • Education and Outreach
  • Planning

Why is Phragmites an issue in your area? 

Phragmites has been growing around lakes, along streams and rivers, along the road, Hydro corridors, and at intersections.

What is your organization’s approach to invasive Phragmites management?

Please see the presentations below:

St. Thomas Plan of Action Plan Cover Image

2016 Council Report


Who are your partners in this effort?

  • City of St. Thomas and Doug Tarry Homes – year 1
  • City of St. Thomas – subsequent years
  • Parks and rec., Roads, Fire and Police Services

What are the funding sources?

  • City of St. Thomas and Doug Tarry Homes – year 1
  • City of St. Thomas – subsequent years

What are your goals and objectives for the program?

Phrag Free City by 2020

What type of land does your program target?

All public and private lands within the city

What is the status of the program and are you seeing results?

Year 1 tremendous success with mass spraying around lake. No spraying permitted over water.

Can you share important lessons learned both about what worked and what did not work?

Continual lobbying of Federal Health Ministry to approve a safe over water pesticide to eradicate Phragmites

For more information contact:

David Collins
166 Lake Margaret Trail
St.Thomas, Ontario, N5R 6L8

(519) 633-4572