Report and share your Phragmites sightings, and see where Phragmites has been detected in your area.






Early Detection & Distribution Mapping System (EDDMapS)

EDDMapS is a database of invasive species occurrences as reported by organizations and citizen scientist. There are several sub-categories this platform, including EDDMapS Ontario.


The GLRI Phragmites Decision Support Tool Mapper

The GLRI Phragmites Decision Support Tool Mapper is intended to provide resource managers with information to strategically develop effective Phragmites control and invasion prevention programs in the Great Lakes coastal zone (10 km inland from the shoreline).

Midwest Invasive Species Information Network

MISIN is a regional effort to develop and provide early detection and response resources for invasive species.

Great Lakes Early Detection Network (GLEDN)

GLEDN is an invasive species network working to rapidly respond to new invasive species sightings in the Great Lakes states. You can report sightings of invasive species and sign up to receive alerts when new sightings for species are reported.

Wild Spotter

An invasive species mapping program for both plants and animals co-led by Widllife Forever, the University of Georgia, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Global Invasive Species Information Network

GISIN collects worldwide occurrences of invasive species.