Kevin Walters, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality – Water Resources Division
Images from A Guide to the Control and Management of Invasive Phragmites

November 2014

Phrag guide_coverMichigan Department of Environmental Quality, in partnership with the Department of Natural Resources, Department of Transportation and Michigan Office of the Great Lakes, has recently released the newly updated third edition of the popular publication, A Guide to the Control and Management of Invasive Phragmites. In addition to sections on understanding Phragmites biology and impacts, the guide provides methods and recommended strategies for controlling invasive Phragmites, including information about the use of herbicides, prescribed fire, mechanical treatment and water level management.

Phrag guide_TOCThe last edition of the guide was released more than 5 years ago and was in need of an update to include new regulatory information. The new 3rd edition also benefits from practical experience gained by controlling and managing invasive Phragmites by agencies in Michigan and partners in the state and around the region. The guide remains comprehensive enough to give interested readers a well-rounded taste of Phragmites biology and control, but also still serves as a quick-reference to techniques and strategies by showing relevant information in figures and tables. While the permitting and regulatory information is mostly specific to Michigan, the biological information and control strategies both have application to a much broader geographical area.

Specific new additions to the guide include a more detailed description of invasive Phragmites and how to differentiate it from the native variety, updated information and contacts for obtaining permits in Michigan, new recommendations for including mowing and mechanical treatment as part of a management strategy, and a look to the future of invasive Phragmites management. In addition to new text content, tables and illustrations have also been added or updated in some sections.

View the guide online here.

For hard copies, contact Kevin Walters (MI DEQ) at or 517-284-5473.