Links to other resources

Phragmites-Specific Resources


  • Phragmites Management Prioritization Tool – This tool was developed by the Michigan DEQ to help users compare and prioritize among their non-native Phragmites management areas. The link will take you to their site where you can find a printable or fill-in versions of the form as well as a user guide.



  • Visit the PHRAGMITES research group website to find out more about their ongoing research project and consult their publications.

Local Phragmites Websites

  • Stop The Invasion is a website that provides Phragmites information specific to Ontario. It includes basic information, communication forums, a mapping app, and more. The site requires you to sign up for a free account.



Phrag burning_Lake Huron Centre for Coasta Con
A prescribed burn in the spring of 2013 along the shores of Lake Huron. Courtesy of Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation.


Broader information on invasive species

GLPC Stakeholder Survey

We asked our stakeholders to respond to a brief survey to tell us who they are, what they are concerned with, what they would like the GLPC to accomplish, and what they need. See the results here:

Final report on stakeholder survey to inform the Great Lakes Phragmites Collaborative